Caroline Trépanier (Karo T) is a leadership collaboration expert and transformational visual artist.

“My infinite creativity found its source in the vast wilderness of Northern Ontario in Canada, where the endless expanse of snow acted as a blank canvas, inviting me to unleash my colorful imagination. From the moment I was born, I knew I was destined to share my art and my ease of creation with the world! Karo T is my artist signature.

I am a pioneering and visionary artist who has brought a unique co-creation approach to my work since 2003. As a collaboration expert and transformational artist, I engage communities, employees, customers and suppliers in my journey artistic.

By engaging the audience, my goal is to instantly provoke an emotional connection between them and the artwork.

I share Picasso’s philosophy “We are all born artists” and I work with this postulate.

I have a passion for creating art that goes beyond just a one-off piece and instead has a lasting impact through my projects.

I have been able to inspire over 10,000 participants around the world to harness their creativity and transform their works into valuable and balanced aesthetic masterpieces. It is truly a joy to witness the emotional engagement of participants who experience an instant cathartic transformation, nothing more powerful than allowing human beings to reconnect and tap into their powerful source of emotions of freedom to create .

My co-creator clientele includes government agencies, universities and prestigious companies such as Porsche, Ubisoft, Brunet, Royal Caribbean, Air Canada, Chubb, Bell Canada, Via Rail, CN, GRC, Pratt & Whitney, Pfizer, Abbott , E.M.D. Serono, Hospira, Export Development Canada, Rolls Royce Aviation, BMW Group and many others.

As a recognized artist, my work is characterized by the same spark. I help people reconnect with the energy of primary colors, reflecting my joyful and passionate personality. I strive to create spontaneous, free-form pieces that bring excitement to any space. Born with a paintbrush in my hand, I explored different techniques and deepened my artistic knowledge at the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada, as well as in various workshops at the creativity center in New York. My paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions at the Just for Laughs Museum and in various galleries.

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