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Conferences and workshops

Discover our unique services to stimulate creativity and strengthen team cohesion:
The Team Masterpiece invites you to explore team building through collective work, uniting members around a common goal. With Caroline Trépanier, immerse yourself in an experience that awakens collaboration and creativity, leaving an inspiring imprint in your workplace. When meeting people, embrace the art of emotional engagement. Let us guide you towards a profound transformation with the medium as a message, going beyond painting to experience and embody change.

Don't miss our Cocktail Painting service to add some
color, passion and life to your special events.

Invite your guests to participate in the creation of a unique canvas to immortalize the moment collectively.

Contact us for a memorable experience that will leave an impression and bring wow to your event

A team masterpiece

Based on a unique “team building” experience, this workshop aims to bring together the creativity of each member with that of their peers through a collective artistic work and through a common objective.

Do you want to bring your team members closer together, stimulate their creativity, openness and confidence and rally them around a common goal? The team masterpiece is a great opportunity to achieve this.

During the workshop, Caroline Trépanier integrates the particular messages of
the company to the concepts necessary to create the work. A great way to combine business with pleasure!
Experience proves it: this activity leads team members to reach a higher level of collaboration.

Subsequently, the created canvas can be exhibited at the workplace. This will serve as a powerful reminder of the approach used for its creation.
If you want to encourage your work team to be more creative in the context of their duties, Caroline Trépanier offers you an ingenious way to do so.
The artwork will bring your company messages to life!

The Team Masterpiece in 2 Steps

1. A preparatory meeting takes place to define the objectives of the activity so that the artistic analogies correspond to the reality of the company;
2. Then, Caroline Trépanier leads the workshop. The whole thing lasts approximately one hour and a half. On the other hand, this can vary and adapt to the needs of the company.

Engagement is the art of emotionally touching human beings

For your next meeting, instead of using power points and videos to try to inspire your team, see how we can use a different approach to get your message across and get your team living the message rather than hear it!

Team Masterwork is a creative approach to experiencing the domain of change and the level of emotional engagement required to master transformation.

Over the years as a senior communications expert, leadership and team dynamics coach, I have trained thousands of participants and witnessed great transformations and high levels of emotional engagement from teams using the medium as a message, as Marshall McLuhan said.
It goes beyond painting, it's about experiencing the uncomfortable field of change as a team and living the message. The medium is not only a tool to transmit the message; rather, it is the message itself.

Cocktail painting

Add color and passion to your events!
If you want to add a touch of color, personality, dynamism and life to this important moment for you, here is an original way to do it.

Allow your guests to participate in the creation of a unique canvas! The facilitator will guide you towards the creation of a true masterpiece!

This work is a unique way of immortalizing the activity and preserving a colorful and unforgettable memory.
Whether during a happy hour, as part of a cocktail dinner, a benefit evening, the launch of a new product, a wedding, a retirement or an anniversary date that you want to highlight, cocktail painting will help make your event an opportunity to create collectively.
To add a “wow” to your event, contact us!

Cocktail painting in 4 simple steps

1. We carry out a short interview with you to find out your tastes, your
favorite colors, your influences and your favorite artist. You also choose the format of your table;
2. We facilitate the creation of the work during the event and invite people to
participate in this creation;
3. We make any necessary adjustments to the work created by the group and
we then varnish it;
4. We deliver the work a few days later.


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