Cocktail painting

Add color and passion to your events!

Whether during a happy hour, as part of a cocktail dinner, a benefit evening, the launch of a new product, a wedding, a retirement or an anniversary date that you want to highlight, cocktail painting will help make your event an occasion.

Allow your guests to participate in the creation of a unique canvas! The facilitator will guide you towards the creation of a true masterpiece!

This work is a unique way of immortalizing the activity and preserving a colorful and unforgettable memory.

If you want to add a touch of inventiveness, personality, dynamism and life to this important moment for you, here is an original way to do it.

To add a wow effect to your event, contact us!

Cocktail painting in 4 simple steps

  1. We carry out a short interview with you to find out your tastes, your favorite colors, your influences and your favorite artist. You also choose the format of your table;
  2. We animate during the event and invite people to participate in this creation;
  3. We make the necessary adjustments to the work created by the group and then varnish it;
  4. We deliver the work a few days later.