Unique experience, conference on change through the creation of a collective work of art!

Based on a unique experience that reproduces the discomfort of “ team building ” change, this workshop aims to bring together the creativity of each member with that of their peers through a collective artistic work and through a common objective . 

offers you an ingenious way to do just that. The artwork will bring your company messages to life!

Do you want to bring your team members closer together, stimulate their creativity, openness and confidence and rally them around a common goal? The team masterpiece is a great opportunity to achieve this. During the workshop, Caroline Trépanier will bring your company's specific messages to life throughout the creation of the work. A great way to combine business with pleasure!

Experience proves it: this activity leads team members to reach a higher level of collaboration.

Subsequently, the created canvas can be exhibited at the workplace. This will serve as a powerful reminder of the approach used for its creation.

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